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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dragonball Z Remasterd (streaming)


Season 6. Episodes 165 - 194
Dragonball Z 166 - What Is The Tournament
Dragonball Z 167 - The Doomsday Broadcast
Dragonball Z 168 - Meet Me In The Ring
Dragonball Z 169 - No Worries Here
Dragonball Z 170 - A Girl Named Lime
Dragonball Z 171 - Memories Of Gohan
Dragonball Z 172 - A New Gaurdian
Dragonball Z 173 - Dende's Dragon
Dragonball Z 174 - The Puzzle Of General Tao
Dragonball Z 175 - The Games Begin
Dragonball Z 176 - Losers Fight First
Dragonball Z 177 - Goku vs. Cell
Dragonball Z 178 - Cell's Bag Of Tricks
Dragonball Z 179 - No More Rules
Dragonball Z 180 - The Fight Is Over
Dragonball Z 181 - Faith In A Boy
Dragonball Z 182 - Gohan's Plea
Dragonball Z 183 - Android Explosion
Dragonball Z 184 - Cell Juniors Attack!
Dragonball Z 185 - Awakening
Dragonball Z 186 - The Unstoppable Gohan
Dragonball Z 187 - Cell's Break Down
Dragonball Z 188 - A Hero's Farewell
Dragonball Z 189 - Cell Returns!
Dragonball Z 190 - The Horror Won't End
Dragonball Z 191 - Save The World
Dragonball Z 192 - Goku's Decision
Dragonball Z 193 - One More Wish
Dragonball Z 194 - Free The Future

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Title Baccano
Category TV
Total Episodes 13
Genres Action, Historical Settings, Novel
Year Published 2007
Release Date 2007-07-26
Studio Brains Base

A.D. 1711 - Crossing the Atlantic Ocean, alchemists left their home countries heading for a new world. They obtained the "Immortal Drink" from a devil. Those who drank it became immortal, and can only be destroyed by being absorbed into another immortal's right hand. 1930s, New York - People living in the shadowy side of society, a boy named Filo and his boss, the Miser of Martillo Family, a stupid thieving couple, Isaac and Millia, the three Gandol mafia brothers, a delinquent boy named Dallas and his sister Eve, the 200 year old alchemist Cerrad and his assistant Ennis, lived unrelated lives until Cerrad rediscovers the "Immortal Drink", and their fates become intertwined. Aboard the Flying Pussy Foot, a transcontinental train from Chicago to New York, there are many kinds of people. For example, Goose and Sharne of the terrorist group "Remlace", street gangs led by Jacuzzi and Nice, a murderer, Ladd, and his fiancée Lua, Senator Beriam and his daughter Mary, a delinquent boy, a conductor, an informer, etc. There are not only humans on the train, however… The legendary "Rail Tracer", a ghost who removes passengers from the back cars, also appears.

Still uploading


Baccano! Trailer.rar

Baccano! 01 - The Assistant Editor Refuses to Discuss....
Baccano! 02 - In Spite of the Old Woman's Anxieties...
Baccano! 03 - Randy and Pezzo are Busy Getting Ready...
Baccano! 04 - Ladd Russo Enjoys Talking a Lot and Killing a Lot.
Baccano! 05 - Jacuzzi Splot Cries, Cowers, and Shows His Mettle.
Baccano! 06 - The Rail Tracer Maneuvers Through the Train...
Baccano! 07 - Everything Began on Board the Advena Avis.
Baccano! 08 - Isaac and Miria Spread Happiness Without....
Baccano! 09 - Clare Stanfield Faithfully Executes His.....
Baccano! 10 - Czeslaw Meyer is Frightened by the Shadow...
Baccano! 11 - Chane LaForet is Silent Before the....
Baccano! 12 - Firo and the Gandor Brothers are Shot Down
Baccano! 13 - Both the Life of an Immortal and a Mortal

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Highlander: The Search for Vengeance

Title: Highlander: The Search for Vengeance
Type : Movie
Year : 06.05.2007
Categories : Action, Breasts, Ecchi, Gore, Horror, Nudity, Romance, SciFi, Swordplay, Tragedy, Violence

Colin MacLeod, the immortal Scottish Highlander, travels with the wise-cracking ghost Amergan in search of the immortal despot Marcus Octavius, who killed Colin`s lover on the Celtic plains centuries earlier. The once great city of New York is now submerged under water, with only one dominant fortress towering over the sea, the fortress of Marcus Octavius. MacLeod is torn between saving the survivors of New York and hunting down his nemesis.

Directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri, director of X the movie, X the TV series and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.



Download : Megaupload

Gekijouban Naruto Shippuuden (Movie)

Title : Naruto Shippuden MOVIE
Japanese Title : 劇場版 NARUTO &��ナルト&�� 疾風伝
Official Site :
Category : Movie
Total Episodes : 1
Genres : Action, Adventure, Comedy
Year Published : 2007
Release Date : 2007-08-04

Demons that once almost destroyed the world, are revived by someone. To prevent the world from being destroyed, the demon has to be sealed and the only one who can do it is the shrine maiden Shion from the country of demons, who has two powers; one is sealing demons and the other is predicting the deaths of humans. This time Naruto's mission is to guard Shion, but she predicts Naruto's death. The only way to escape it, is to get away from Shion, which would leave her unguarded, then the demon, whose only goal is to kill Shion will do so, thus meaning the end of the world. Naruto decides to challenge this "prediction of death". Rising Sun Anime

Download : Megaupload

D.Gray-man Original Soundtrack 2


1. Brightdown -TV Mix-
2. Kuro no Kyoudan
3. Nakama to Tomoni
4. Keishousha Rabbi
5. Bookman
6. Arystar Krory
7. Kyuuketsuki no Shiro
8. Eliade to no Ai
9. Tyki Mikk
10. Sennen Ooyake Kara no Message
11. Togaochi ~Suman Dark~
12. AKUMA Shuurai
13. Ikuukan
14. Noah Heya
15. Tabi no Kyuusoku
16. Kyoudan no Nakama Tachi
17. Komui no Jikken Shitsu
18. Tabi no Tochuu de
19. Koigokoro
20. Arata na Deai
21. Saikai
22. Tamashii no Iyashi
23. Kuroi Mori
24. Inbou
25. Ketsudan no Toki
26. Semari Kuru Kiki
27. Gunshuu
28. Gyakushuu
29. Futatabi Tatakai he
30. Yume no Tsuduki he -TV Edit-
31. Antoinette Blue ~D.Gray-man Ending Ver.~

Download : Megaupload

Casshern Sins OP Single


1. Aoi Hana
2. Niji
3. Amefuru Yoru no Machi

Download : Megaupload

Busou Renkin OST

Busou Renkin Original Soundtrack

Composed by Kouhei Tanaka


1. Makka na Chikai ~TV Size~
2. Busou Renkin Hatsudou!
3. Kyodai na Teki
4. Shitou
5. Kakegae no Nai Mono
6. Ore ga Mamoru
7. Kaikou
8. Zoumotsu wo Buchisan Makero!
9. Kaereru Basho
10. Semaru Kiki
11. Shippuu
12. Sennyuu
13. Nonki na Yatsura
14. Shuunen
15. Renkin Jutsushi
16. Kyouteki
17. Giwaku?!
18. Kindan no Kenkyuu
19. Okashina Kyoudai
20. Pa.Pi.Yo.N
21. Tooki Hibi
22. Taiji
23. Kyuushuu
24. Nice na Nakama
25. Hangeki
26. Senshi no Sadame
27. Tatakau Ketsui
28. Kimi wa Sukoshi Tsuyoku Natta...
29. Hoshi Akari ~TV Size~

Download : Megaupload

Rosario to Vampire Capu2

Title : Rosario to Vampire Capu2
Category : TV
Total Episodes : -
Genres : Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Love-Romance
Year Published : 2008
Release Date : 2008-10-01

* Season 2

After failing his high school entrance examinations, normal schoolboy Aono Tsukune happens to be accepted into Yokai Gakuen. It is a school to which monsters go, and it has this rule: if a human being should find out about the school, he must be killed. The situation frightens Tsukune, but he is encouraged by Akashiya Moka, a vampire of great beauty who takes a liking to him, and he resolves to stay at the school. Other beautiful and unique girls then appear one after another, causing no end of trouble for Tsukune. How will his school life turn out?

Episode 01 : Megaupload
Episode 02 : Megaupload
Episode 03 : Megaupload
Episode 04 : Megaupload
Episode 05 : Megaupload
Episode 06 : Megaupload
Episode 07 : Megaupload
Episode 08 : Megaupload
Episode 09 : Megaupload
Episode 10 : Megaupload

Bakuretsu Tenshi ( Infinity )

Title : Bakuretsu Tenshi -Infinity-
Category : OVA
Total Episodes : 1
Genres : Action
Year Published : 2007

These events occur in Westland, New York, during the 21st century. With a sharp knife, a murderer is indiscriminately killing people&�� A girl witnesses one of these murders, and the knife is turned on the helpless girl shaking with fear.

Meg returns to this town with Joe to celebrate the &��birthday&�� of Shirley, who used to live with Meg. Orphans, they had decided that the day they first met would be her birthday. In the past, Meg had taken care of three little children, including Shirley, just before meeting Joe. The children were then adopted by a police officer, Sam. He possessed a strong sense of justice and they are supposedly living happily together now.

Meg and Joe happen to help a person and receive a reward. They buy a present for Shirley with the reward money and go to meet Sam. However, they notice him acting strangely. Upon questioning him, he explains that Shirley was assaulted by a murderer and seriously injured. Joe says to the grieving and angry Meg, &��Let&��s exact revenge on the murderer for Shirley.&��

However, the murderer gradually approaches them from behind. The cruel black eyes fall on Meg and Joe&�� To make matters worse, a dark plot casts its shadow over Meg, Joe, Sam, and the whole town.

Episode 01 : Megaupload


Category : OVA
Total Episodes : 6
Genres : Science-Fiction
Year Published : 2006

The civilization on the Earth was destroyed by permanent abnormal climate.
In these days, cities of one million people had been built on the moon, and they became the only place where human-race survived. The people left on the moon declared the foundation of Republic Eden. Then, they have been expanding the cities that loved peace and freedom. However, a boy&񗝉s act would shake Eden&񗝉s freedom and peace later.

More than 160 years have passed since then.

In Eden, the children finish their compulsory education when they are 15 years old. Then, they become parts of the society as citizens. During their brief moratorium, they are given freedom. Like other boys, Takeru is going to take part in a race with his friends. It is a race of machines perucilar to the moon called &񗝌Vehicle&񗝍. What is different from other boys is Takeru made his vehicle by himself. By this act, Takeru touches the secret hidden in Eden.

In the year of 2267, Eden hides two freedoms.


Episode 01 : Megaupload
Episode 02 : Megaupload
Episode 03 : Megaupload


Genres : Action, Comedy, Ecchi
Year Published : 2007

Aika is a smart and athletic high school girl. She is so competent that she successfully passes the salvager&��s license test, obtaining a C-class license. Yet, she is young and hotheaded, so much so that Gota still treats her as a child. Due to this personality, no one is willing to hire her for salvaging jobs.

Since she had taken the trouble to get her license, she decides to post an ad in her school to attract clients. She manages to get the attention of Erika, a daughter of a rich family and the leader of the treasure hunting club. She asks Aika to salvage something from the sea and Aika delightfully accepts the request.

However, upon seeing the state-of-the-art submarine loaded onto Erika's private cruiser and discovering their destination, Aika realizes the terrible nature of her assignment. This results in a clash with a group of high school girls in the southern islands.

Episode 01 : Megaupload


Genre : Adventure, Fantasy

At a time when Orica is saddened over her inability to fulfill her role as a Lavateil, or one who can control magical powers through singing Hymns, Laina`s airship comes crashing down upon her from the sky. Both of them search for an engineer to repair his airship, meeting Cruze. In the process, Laina inadvertently teaches Orica that the key to singing a successful Hymn is to want to help others from the bottom of one`s heart.

from Anime News Network
Based on Ar Tonelico RPG game for the PlayStation 2

Download here


Title : .hack//G.U. TRILOGY
Japanese Title : .hack//G.U. TRILOGY
Category : OVA
Total Episodes : -
Genres : Adventure
Year Published : 2008
Release Date : 2008-01-25

Based on the CyberConnect2 HIT GAME, now will be released in a CG Movie!

The Movie will be placed in the storyline of each .hack//G.U. games trilogy. The story follows Haseo, a player in the online MMORPG called The World:R2 at first depicted as a PKK (Player Killer Killer) known as the "Terror of Death", a former member of the disbanded Twilight Brigade guild. Haseo encounters Azure Kite (believing him to be Tri-Edge and blaming him for what happened to Shino) but is hopelessly outmatched. Azure Kite easily defeats Haseo and Data Drains him, reducing his level from 133 to 1 and leaving him without any items, weapons, or member addresses. He is left with a mystery on his hands as to the nature of the Data Drain and why Azure Kite is in possession of such a skill.

Eventually Haseo gains the "Avatar" of Skeith. Acquiring the ability to call Skeith and wield his abilities, such as Data Drain. With Skeith as his strength, Haseo begins the quest for a way to save Shino.

He is seen seeking out a PK (Player Killer) known as Tri-Edge, whose victims supposedly are unable to return to The World after he PKs them. Haseo's friend, Shino, was attacked six months prior to the events of the game by Tri-Edge, and the player herself, Shino Nanao, was left in a coma.

Download SD


Title : Kekkaishi
Category : TV
Total Episodes : -
Genres : Action, Family
Year Published : 2006
Studio : Sunrise

Sumikawa Yoshimori, a 14-year-old junior high school boy, is a descendant of Kekkaishi, or an exterminator of monsters He is vying for the heir to the family with Yumikura Tokine. Tokine is older than him, and she is his childhood friend as well as his rival Kekkaishi. To save people from the crises, and to make himself stronger, Yoshimori fights against monsters tonight, too.


Episode 01-02 : Megaupload
Episode 03 : Megaupload
Episode 04 : Megaupload
Episode 05 : Megaupload
Episode 06 : Megaupload
Episode 07 : Megaupload
Episode 08 : Megaupload
Episode 09 : Megaupload
Episode 10 : Megaupload
Episode 11 : Megaupload
Episode 12 : Megaupload
Episode 13 : Megaupload
Episode 14 : Megaupload
Episode 15 : Megaupload
Episode 16 : Megaupload
Episode 17 : Megaupload
Episode 18 : Megaupload
Episode 19 : Megaupload
Episode 20 : Megaupload
Episode 21 : Megaupload
Episode 22 : Megaupload
Episode 23 : Megaupload
Episode 24 : Megaupload
Episode 25 : Megaupload
Episode 26 : Megaupload
Episode 27 : Megaupload
Episode 28 : Megaupload
Episode 29 : Megaupload
Episode 30 : Megaupload
Episode 31 : Megaupload
Episode 32 : Megaupload
Episode 33 : Megaupload
Episode 34 : Megaupload
Episode 35 : Megaupload
Episode 36-37 : Megaupload
Episode 38 : Megaupload
Episode 39 : Megaupload
Episode 40 : Megaupload
Episode 41 : Megaupload
Episode 42 : Megaupload
Episode 43 : Megaupload
Episode 44 : Megaupload
Episode 45 : Megaupload
Episode 46 : Megaupload
Episode 47 : Megaupload
Episode 48 : Megaupload
Episode 49 : Megaupload
Episode 50 : Megaupload
Episode 51 : Megaupload
Episode 52 : Megaupload

Top Secret The Revelation

Title : Top Secret The Revelation
Category : TV
Total Episodes : -
Genres : Drama, Mystery
Year Published : 2008
Release Date : 2008-04-08


Episode 01 : Megaupload
Episode 02 : Megaupload
Episode 03 : Megaupload
Episode 04 : Megaupload
Episode 05 : Megaupload
Episode 06 : Megaupload
Episode 07 : Megaupload


Category : TV
Total Episodes : -
Genres : Action
Year Published : 2008
Release Date : 2008-01-07

When the Social Welfare Agency investigates the disappearance of an operative, their inquiry leads them right into the lair of their rival, the Five Republics. The assassin Triela infiltrates the hostile organization, but her search is cut short when she finds herself staring down the barrel of a gun..


Episode 01 : Megaupload
Episode 02 : Megaupload
Episode 03 : Megaupload
Episode 04 : Megaupload
Episode 05 : Megaupload
Episode 06 : Megaupload
Episode 07 : Megaupload
Episode 08 : Megaupload
Episode 09 : Megaupload

GOLGO 13 2008

Title : GOLGO 13
Category : TV
Total Episodes : -
Genres : Action
Year Published : 2008
Release Date : 2008-04-11


Episode 01 : Megaupload
Episode 02 : Megaupload
Episode 03 : Megaupload
Episode 04 : Megaupload
Episode 05 : Megaupload
Episode 06 : Megaupload
Episode 07 : Megaupload
Episode 08 : Megaupload
Episode 09 : Megaupload
Episode 10 : Megaupload
Episode 11 : Megaupload
Episode 12 : Megaupload
Episode 13 : Megaupload
Episode 14 : Megaupload
Episode 15 : Megaupload
Episode 16 : Megaupload
Episode 17 : Megaupload


Japanese Title : BLASSREITER
Category : TV
Total Episodes : -
Genres : Game, Mecha
Year Published : 2008
Release Date : 2008-04-05
Studio : GONZO DIGIMATION, Nitro Plus

In the near future, in a city in Germany, a series of mysterious incidents occur. Dead bodies revive and turn into grotesque monsters that assault people. The inhabitants are panicking, saying devils have appeared.

During this time, those who are able to turn into grotesque monsters whilst still alive appear. They are accused of being devils, but they wield their powers with their personality intact. Some use their power for justice, some are driven by their own power, some use their power to realize their ambitions, and some use them to avenge themselves.

However, whatever their wishes, they are imposed a severe fate. It is a battle royale for these people who turn into devils with their lives at stake.

They use their power to survive and to accomplish their goals. However, while they continue using their power, the power eats into their human minds, and finally&?


Episode 01 : Megaupload
Episode 02 : Megaupload
Episode 03 : Megaupload
Episode 04 : Megaupload
Episode 05 : Megaupload
Episode 06 : Megaupload
Episode 07 : Megaupload
Episode 08 : Megaupload
Episode 09 : Megaupload
Episode 10 : Megaupload
Episode 11 : Megaupload
Episode 12 : Megaupload
Episode 13 : Megaupload
Episode 14 : Megaupload
Episode 15 : Megaupload
Episode 16 : Megaupload
Episode 17 : Megaupload
Episode 18 : Megaupload
Episode 19 : Megaupload
Episode 20 : Megaupload
Episode 21 : Megaupload
Episode 22 : Megaupload

Bleach Downloads

Genre: Action, Shounen, Super Power

Kurosaki Ichigo is not a regular 15 year old, because he has always had the ability to see spirits and ghosts. One day, a female Shinigami (God of Death) named Kuchiki Rukia appears before him, hunting for an evil spirit. But during the confrontation, the Shinigami`s powers are transfered to Ichigo. Thus begins the adventures of Ichigo and Rukia and their mission to herd Hollows (fallen spirits) as well as confronting other spiritual beings.

Bleach Episode 198 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 197 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 196 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 195 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 194 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 193 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 192 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 191 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 190 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 189 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 188 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 187 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 186 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 185 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 184 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 183 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 182 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 181 Megaupload
Bleach Episode 180 Megaupload

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BLEACH Soundtracks

Title: BLEACH Original Soundtrack 1


1. on the precipice of defeat
2. *?`Asterisk?` TV version
3. comical world
4. oh so tired
5. head in the clouds
6. ditty for daddy
7. creeping shadows
8. raw breath of danger
9. enemy unseen
10. will of the heart
11. requiem for the lost ones
12. Nothing Can Be Explained
13. burden of the past
14. destiny awaits
15. catch-22
16. heat of the battle
17. blaze of the soul reaper
18. battle ignition
19. never meant to belong
20. storm center
21. Number One
22. going home
23. Life is Like a Boat for TV EDIT FAST ver.
24. peaceful afternoon
25. Thank You!! TV version

Download : Megaupload


Title: BLEACH Original Soundtrack 2


1. choked
2. emergence of the haunted
3. on the verge of insanity
4. confrontation
5. diago 45 degrees tango
6. dodo dance
7. splaaash boogie
8. ominous premonition
9. phenomena
10. demolition drive
11. here to stay
12. a requiem
13. compassion
14. citadel of the bount
15. The Calling
16. shadow's masquerade
17. whisper of the apocalypse
18. back to the wall
19. rage of lunacy
20. torn apart
21. swan song
22. 999
23. Number One (Nas-T Mix)

Download : Megaupload


DEATH NOTE Soundtrack (Original)

Tracklist :
01 Death note.mp3
02 Jiken.mp3
03 Light's Theme.mp3
04 L's Theme.mp3
05 Kinchou.mp3
06 Senritsu.mp3
07 Kodoku.mp3
08 Tomonari.mp3
09 Kitai.mp3
10 Tokusou Kira han.mp3
11 L's Theme B.mp3
12 Shunjun.mp3
13 Tsuiseki.mp3
14 L no Nakama.mp3
15 Tokusou.mp3
16 Shinigami kai.mp3
17 Taikutsu.mp3
18 Rem.mp3
19 Death note Theme.mp3
20 Kyrie.mp3
21 Domine Kira.mp3
22 Teloelogy of death.mp3
23 Low of Solipsism.mp3
24 Requiem.mp3
25 Immanence.mp3
26 Dirge.mp3
27 Light Lights up light.mp3
28 Alert.mp3
29 the WORLD (Tv Size).mp3
30 Alumina (Tv size).mp3

Download Megaupload

One Piece

Title : One Piece
Category : TV
Total Episodes : -
Genres : Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Year Published : 1999
Release Date : 1999-10-20
Studio : Toei Animation

It was a time when pirates ruled the seas. Several bands of pirates were battling over the great hidden treasure, One Piece, which was left by the now legendary pirate king, Gol D. Roger. There was a young boy who admired pirates. His name was Luffy. One day, he mistakenly eats a devil's fruit turning himself into a rubber man.

Ten years have passed since that incident. Luffy sets out to sea all alone. He sets out to become a great pirate captain and his great adventure begins. "I'm going to be the Pirate King! I'm going to get One Piece!"

One Piece Downloads

Episode 338 : Megaupload
Episode 339 : Megaupload
Episode 340 : Megaupload
Episode 341 : Megaupload
Episode 342 : Megaupload
Episode 343 : Megaupload
Episode 344 : Megaupload
Episode 345 : Megaupload
Episode 346 : Megaupload
Episode 347 : Megaupload
Episode 348 : Megaupload
Episode 349 : Megaupload
Episode 350 : Megaupload
Episode 351 : Megaupload
Episode 352 : Megaupload
Episode 353 : Megaupload
Episode 354 : Megaupload
Episode 355 : Megaupload
Episode 356 : Megaupload
Episode 357 : Megaupload
Episode 358 : Megaupload
Episode 359 : Megaupload
Episode 360 : Megaupload
Episode 361 : Megaupload
Episode 362 : Megaupload
Episode 363 : Megaupload
Episode 364 : Megaupload
Episode 365 : Megaupload
Episode 366 : Megaupload
Episode 367 : Megaupload
Episode 368 : Megaupload
Episode 369 : Megaupload
Episode 370 : Megaupload
Episode 371 : Megaupload
Episode 372 : Megaupload
Episode 373 : Megaupload
Episode 374 : Megaupload
Episode 375 : Megaupload
Episode 376 : Megaupload
Episode 377 : Megaupload
Episode 378 : Megaupload
Episode 379 : Megaupload
Episode 380 : Megaupload




On-Going / Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 2nd Season

Title : Kido Senshi Gundam 00 2nd Season
Japanese Title : ????????OO ?2????
Official Site : -
Category : TV
Total Episodes : -
Genres : Action, Mecha, Science-Fiction
Year Published : 2008
Release Date : 2008-10-05
Broadcaster : TBS (Sun 17:00)
Studio : -
US Distribution : -

2312 A.D. Four years have passed since the final battle between Celestial Being and the UN Forces. Humanity, after having established the Earth Sphere Federation, forms an independent security force, Arrows, separate from the formal Federation army to further unify nations and the will of mankind. But the reality is the inhumane oppression of anti-government powers, doctrines, and ideologies in the name of unity. Setsuna F. Seiei, after surviving the battle four years ago, has decided to once again fight with his Gundam.

Download eps

Episode 01 : Megaupload - HD
Episode 02 : Megaupload - HD
Episode 03 : Megaupload - HD
Episode 04 : Megaupload - HD
Episode 05 : Megaupload - HD
Episode 06 : Megaupload - HD
Episode 07 : Megaupload - HD
Episode 08 : Megaupload - HD
Episode 09 : Megaupload - HD
Episode 10 : Megaupload - HD

Hellsing Ultimate

Japanese Title : HELLSING
Official Site :
Category : OVA
Total Episodes : -
Genres : Action, Horror
Year Published : 2006
US Distribution : -

Operating in modern-day London, the Hellsing Organization is dedicated of ridding England of the scourge of vampires. However, the principle weapon of this organization just happens to be a vampire himself - Alucard, who serves the organization`s young leader, the iron-willed woman Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing, as well as Alucard`s new apprentice, a young vampire woman named Seras Victoria

Lately, a rash of artificially-created vampires has taken the organization by surprise. As it turns out, a neo-Nazi society known as the Millennium Order is responsible for creating these vampires. Their sole purpose... to achieve what Nazi Germany couldn`t do over 60 years ago with human soldiers... the total conquest of the world!!


Download: Episode 01
Download: Episode 02
Download: Episode 03

Tales of Symphonia

Title : Tales of Symphonia
Type : OVA, 4 episodes
Year : 08.06.2007
Producers : Frontier Works, Geneon Entertainment, ufotable

Two worlds exist, unaware of the other`s existence. These worlds survive by the use of mana. The most important beings in these worlds are known as the "chosens". These chosens must go on perilous journeys while awakening the sleeping Summon Spirits, defeating the Desians, and restoring mana. Lloyd Irving and his friends Collet Brunel, the Chosen of Sylvarant, and Genus Sage, the smartest kid in Iselia set off on a journey with Kratos, a mysterious mercenary and Raine, Genus` sister. Along the way, they make more friends and discover the truth behind the World Regeneration.

Based on the video game of the same name.


Episode 01 : Megaupload
Episode 02 : Megaupload
Episode 03 : Megaupload
Episode 04 : Megaupload


Title : Amatsuki
Japanese Title : ????
Official Site :
Category : TV
Total Episodes : -
Genres : Adventure, Fantasy
Year Published : 2008
Release Date : 2008-04-04
Broadcaster : KBS Kyoto (Fri 26:30)
Studio : Studio Deen
US Distribution : -

During winter, a first grade high school boy, Rikudo Tokidoki, visits a traveling exhibition of the Last Days of the Tokugawa Shogunate held at an advanced museum using the latest technologies. It is a theme park where visitors can experience the last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate via computer graphics wearing special goggles.

However, when he is roaming around, Nue, a monster, appears and he is brought into the world Amatsuki. It looks like the last days of the Edo Era, but monsters and humans coexist there. He meets a girl, Kuchiha, who saves him from Nue, and classmate Shinonome Kon. Kon had also visited the exhibition but he was transferred to a time two years prior to Tokidoki arrival. Together, they start looking for the way back to their world.

Later, after meeting Ginshu, a shrine maiden, and Bonten, a monster, Tokidoki learns of his fate.

Which path will Tokidoki choose? Will he become the destroyer of Amatsuki in order to go back, or will he become the ruler of Amatsuki in order to save it?

Download eps

Episode 01 : Megaupload
Episode 02 : Megaupload
Episode 03 : Megaupload
Episode 04 : Megaupload
Episode 05 : Megaupload
Episode 06 : Megaupload
Episode 07 : Megaupload
Episode 08 : Megaupload
Episode 09 : Megaupload
Episode 10 : Megaupload
Episode 11 : Megaupload
Episode 12 : Megaupload
Episode 13 : Megaupload

Burst Angel

Action, Comedy, Mecha, Yuri

In the future of the Burst Angel setting, there are major crime problems in Tokyo, and it has become legal to possess firearms in Japan (this change is described as having been instituted partly due to an unusual rise in crime prior to the legalization, which lead to the gun control laws being repealed in order for lawful citizens to protect themselves). At the time of the storyline, the police force who were charged with protecting the citizens (known as R.A.P.T., as an acronym for 'Recently Armed Police Task force') has resorted to exterminating criminals rather than arresting them.

Download Burst Angel

Burst Angel 1
Burst Angel 2
Burst Angel 3
Burst Angel 4
Burst Angel 5
Burst Angel 6
Burst Angel 7
Burst Angel 8
Burst Angel 9
Burst Angel 10
Burst Angel 11
Burst Angel 12
Burst Angel 13
Burst Angel 14
Burst Angel 15
Burst Angel 16
Burst Angel 17
Burst Angel 18
Burst Angel 19
Burst Angel 20
Burst Angel 21
Burst Angel 22
Burst Angel 23
Burst Angel 24

Kara no Kyokai - the Garden of sinners

Title : Kara no Kyokai - the Garden of sinners -
Japanese Title : 空の境界the Garden of sinners
Official Site :
Category : Movie
Total Episodes : 7
Genres : Fantasy, Novel
Year Published : 2007
Release Date : 2007-12-01 &񗥬
Broadcaster : -
Studio : ufotable
US Distribution : -

Based on a novel by Nasu Kinoko, writer for TYPE-MOON. Kara no Kyoukai plays in a parallel universe to that of Tsukihime. Considered the precursor/inspiration for the story of Tsukihime.

From a long sleep, Ryougi Shiki awoke.
As an after effect, she gained the power to perceive the death of things.
A power to kill anything with just a knife lures Shiki into a dark world.
The murderer from two years ago.
Swarm of floating ghosts
A girl who can bend things by just looking at them.
A spiral construction which collects people's death.
When numerous bizarre incidents collides with Shiki's Mystic Eyes...
her lost memories reawakens---.

The main character, Ryougi Shiki, was involved in a car accident and fell into a deep coma for two years. When she finally awoke from it, she had gained the &񗝌Eyes of Death Perception&񗝍 ability but believed to have lost something instead.

The Ryougi family attempted to create human beings that exceeded normal humans, and to accomplish this, they trained their children in various martial arts and fencing, and also made them split their personalities. They believed that by using this method, one personality could be an expert in one subject while the other could be master other subjects. Shiki was no exception to this, and she had a masculine and feminine side that switched places with each other.

After having woken up from the accident, Shiki believed that her masculine personality side had died during the accident. Instead she tried to supplement the spiritually dead Shiki's personality by her masculine tone.

Chapter 01 : Megaupload
Chapter 02 : Megaupload
Chapter 03 : Megaupload

Casshern Sins

Title : Casshern Sins
Japanese Title : キャシャーン Sins
Official Site :
Category : TV
Total Episodes : -
Genres : Action, Mecha
Year Published : 2008
Release Date : 2008-10-01
Broadcaster : TVS (Wed 25:30)
Studio : Tatsunoko Productions
US Distribution : -

When human beings are being ruled by robots that were created by humans, a girl named Luna appeared. People called her &񗝌a bright sun like the moon&񗝍 She called for help to restore order to the humans. The ruler, Braikingboss was scared of her influence and ordered three of his most powerful robots, Casshern, Dio and Leda to kill her. Eventually she was killed by Casshern. From her secrets, it caused the world to head for damnation.

It took a few hundred years to a state where the damage of "damnation" became irrecoverable, robots that were said to live eternally were not able to recover themselves due to rust and corrosion, and death would fall on them.
Buildings are not able to keep their structures, most of them would either fall or be deformed, most of the land has changed to deserted wilderness.

Meanwhile, Kyuushan who disappeared after the murder of Luna appears, losing his memories, he is not able to remember who he is...


Episode 01 : Megaupload - HD
Episode 02 : Megaupload - HD
Episode 03 : Megaupload - HD
Episode 04 : Megaupload - HD
Episode 05 : Megaupload - HD
Episode 06 : Megaupload - HD
Episode 07 : Megaupload - SD
Episode 08 : Megaupload - SD
Episode 09 : Megaupload - SD
Episode 10 : Megaupload - SD

Vampire Knight Guilty

Title : Vampire Knight Guilty
Japanese Title : ヴァンパイア騎士 Guilty
Official Site :
Category : TV
Total Episodes : -
Genres : Fantasy, School Life
Year Published : 2008
Release Date : 2008-10-06
Broadcaster : TV Tokyo (Mon 25:00)


Episode 01 : Megaupload
Episode 02 : Megaupload
Episode 03 : Megaupload
Episode 04 : Megaupload
Episode 05 : Megaupload
Episode 06 : Megaupload
Episode 07 : Megaupload
Episode 08 : Megaupload
Episode 09 : Megaupload

Tales from Earthsea (2006) (Japanese)

Director: Goro Miyazaki
Genre:Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Also Known As: Gedo Senki
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English / Japanese / Korean / Chinese / French

Enter a dark, magical world of dragons and sorcery in Studio Ghibli’s blockbuster animated epic Tales from Earthsea. Adapted from Ursula K. Le Guin’s beloved children’s fantasy book series, Tales from Earthsea marks the phenomenal directorial debut of Miyazaki Goro, the son of the legendary Miyazaki Hayao. Complex and compelling, Tales from Earthsea presents a sweeping, fantastical story about a young prince’s journey through darkness and redemption.
A mysterious force is disturbing the natural balance in the land of Earthsea. Dragons are feuding, magic is dying, and the whole of humanity is falling into chaos. Haunted by inner demons, Prince Arren (voiced by Okada Junichi) stabs his father and runs away with the king’s sword. He finds friendship and protection with kind-hearted master wizard Ged and a strange young girl named Therru. A shadow, however, continues to haunt Arren, drawing him to the evil sorcerer Cob whose quest for immortality is destroying the balance between the realm of the living and dead. To save Earthsea, Arren must stop Cob, but he himself is falling into darkness.

More overtly dark in theme than previous Ghibli works, Tales from Earthsea is certainly equally amazing in terms of animation and design. Grand castles, medieval towns, stretching deserts, raging oceans, and idyllic countrysides vibrantly come alive on screen in rich strokes and seas of aqua and crimson. The release of a Studio Ghibli film is always a big event in Japan, and Tales of Earthsea was no exception. The film topped the box office for four weeks and earned over $60 million overall, proving that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Download Tales from Earthsea

Vexille (2007) (Japanese)

The year is 2077, and for the last ten years Japan has closed itself away from the global community. Japan has been developing dangerous robotic technology banned by the United Nations, and a powerful force field around the country prevents any kind of communication and surveillance. A U.S. special task force led by rogue female agent Vexille is sent to infiltrate the country, but not even she is prepared for the terror and destruction that lies beyond Japan’s iron wall.

Year: 2007
Directed: Fumihiko Sori
Genre: Anime/Action
Runtime: 109 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English

Japan takes animation to the next level with the eye-popping SF spectacle Vexille. Written and directed by Sori Fumihiko, the director of Ping Pong and producer of Appleseed, the film and its story live in the familiar anime genre of action sci-fi mecha, but the presentation is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Employing striking state-of-the-art CG animation, the film is a feast for the eyes with stunning visuals that live up to its lofty billing. With its sweeping landscapes, intricate mecha designs, breathtaking action, and strikingly realistic character designs, Vexille just may represent the future of animation.

Download Vexille

Grave of the Fireflies (1988) (Japanese)

Director:Isao Takahata
Writers:Akiyuki Nosaka (novel)
Isao Takahata (written by)
Language: Japanese (trk1), English (trk2)
Subtitles: English (srt)
Genre: Animation: Tragic War Drama

Taking place toward the end of World War II in Japan, Grave of the Fireflies is the poignant tale of the relationship between two orphaned children, Seita and his younger sister Setsuko. The children lose their mother in the firebombing of Kobe, and their father in service to the Imperial Japanese Navy, and as a result they are forced to try to survive amidst widespread famine and the callous indifference of their countrymen (some of whom are their own extended family members). Some critics—most notably Roger Ebert—consider it to be one of the most powerful anti-war movies ever made.

Download Grave of the Fireflies

Download Subs

McDull, the Alumni (Chinese) 2006

AKA: Chun tian hua hua tong xue hui (2006)
Year: 2006
Directed: Samson Chiu Leung-Chun
Producer: Peter Chan Ho-Sun
Genre: Animation/Comedy/Fantasy
Runtime : 1h 30′
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: English

Synopsis / Plot

It’s a McDull movie played 1/3 in animation and 2/3 by real actors. While there seems no interactions between the cartoon characters and the real ones, you may find later the real people in this movie are in fact McDull in a human form: ordinary people that live a mediocre life, dreamed big in childhood,having dreams crushed in adulthood and yet still manage to be happy.

Download McDull, the Alumni

Brave Story - BluRay (Japanese) 2006

Year : 2006
Director : Kôichi Chigira
Writers : Miyuki Miyabe (novel) ; Ichiro Okouchi (screenplay)
Genre : Animation | Adventure | Mystery
Release Date : 8 July 2006 (Japan)
Runtime : 1h52m01s
Country : Japan
Language : Japanese
Subtitle : English styled softsubs, karaoke is hardsubbed

Cast (Voice) : Takako Matsu, Eiji Wentz, Miki Imai, Tarô Ishida, Shirô Itô, Ayako Kawasumi, Kirin Kiki, Yo Oizumi, Chiwa Saito, Rie Shibata, Katsumi Takahashi, Yoshiko Tanaka, Takako Tokiwa

Synopsis / Plot

Wataru, the main character, is a 10 year old 5th grade elementary school student . His grades are so-so and he is a meek and unassertive boy who is easily manipulated by girls. One day his father runs off with a mistress, leaving Wataru and his mother behind. In shock, his mother suffers an accident and is near death. Brokenhearted, Wataru goes inside a neighborhood building that is reputedly haunted. The building actually is the entrance to a delusional world called Vision, in which Wataru must master magic techniques and collect hidden treasures to meet a goddess, who, it is believed, can make wishes come true. Together with new friends he meets there, Wataru’s magnificent journey through Vision begins. Adventure, friendship, growing up, family ties, love and magic: this fantasy includes everything viewers expect and can be enjoyed by a wide range of audiences.

Download Brave Story

Appleseed (OVA) original anime 1988 Classic

dual audio ENG - JAP and ENG subs.

Yuji Mitsuya :Yoshi
Mika Doi :Fleia
Yuzuru Fujimoto olice Chief
Toshio Furukawa :Calon

After World War 3 the General Management Control Office construct an experimental city known as Olympus inhabited by humans, cyborgs and bioroids. Bioroids are a genetically engineered being created to serve mankind. They run all administration of Olympus. Olympus was meant to be a utopian society. But for some it is less of a utopia and more of a cage. Calon Mautholos, an Olympus city police officer, is one of these people. Calon secretly conspires with a terrorist, A. J. Sebastian, to destroy Gaia, a super computer that runs Olympus. Out to stop them are Olympus city police SWAT team members Deunan Knute and Briareos Hecatonchires. Deunan and Briareos are determined to stop the terrorist plot by any means necessary.

Download Appleseed (OVA)

Wonderful Days (Korean)

Year: 2003
Directed: Kim Moon-saeng
Genre: Animation, Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Runtime: 01:26
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English
Cast: Joon-ho Chung, Hye-jin Yu, Ji-tae Yu

Synopsis / Plot

More often than not, most of the best scifi movies are coming from other countries. Anime is no exception. Wonderful Days (Called Sky Blue in some US locations) is a visual masterpiece of 2D/3D blended animation. While movies like Sinbad, with its wonderful background, but completely stuck on 2D characters shows us the low-end of this spectrum, Wonderful Days is a terrific example of the best in 2D/3D blended animation. This futuristic cyberpunk tale is not the most original, but is done more than well enough to allow to you be totally “wowed” by the visuals and incredible 3D positional sound.

Wonderful Days takes place in a dystopic future in the year 2140. The world has been decimated and ravaged by war, reckless exploitation of the earth and over-pollution. Clouds have all but blocked out the sun and human civilization is on the brink of elimination. In this chaos, a group of elites have developed a method of using the pollution to create an energy source, and have used this to build a magnificent city called Ecoban.

Thousands of Refugees have flocked to the Marr, the outskirt wasteland of this Ecoban in the hopes of gaining entrance, but unfortunately this has become a society of the elite and the masses. Instead, the citizens of Ecoban use the Marr as their personal slave labor to work the machines which keep Ecoban running. Life is cheap for the Marr, and the Ecoban elite care far more about their power generation than they do the welfare of the Marr. Unfortunately for the citizens of Ecoban, it appears as if the earth is starting to recover, and the level of pollution is dropping. The governing council has decided to use any means possible to maintain pollution levels to keep their hold on power.

Download Wonderful Days XviD

5 Centimeters Per Second

Aka: Byousoku 5 Senchimeetoru
Year: 2007
Directed: Shinkai Makoto
Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Runtime: 01:03
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Cast: Shinohara Akari, T?no Takaki, Sumita Kanae

Synopsis / Plot

Tohno Takaki and Shinohara Akari are two classmates in an elementary school. During their time together they have become close friends. Their relationship is tested when Akari transfers to another city because of her parents’ jobs. Both of them struggle to keep their friendship alive as time and distance slowly pulls them apart. When Takaki finds out that he is moving farther away, he decides to visit Akari one last time.

The movie is a collection of three stories; the first episode, Oukashou, shows the day of their reunion. The next episode, Cosmonaut, follows the story about Takaki after the reunion takes place from the viewpoint of another person. The last episode, Byousoku 5 Centimeter, clips out the movements of their thoughts. (Source: Anime-Source, AnimeNFO)

Download 5 Centimeters Per Second

Full Metal Alchemist

Edward and Alphonse Elric are two alchemists brothers who search for the legendary Philosopher's Stone, a powerful object which would allow them to recover their bodies (which were lost in an attempt to bring their mother back to life through alchemy).

Full Metal Alchemist 01
Full Metal Alchemist 02
Full Metal Alchemist 03
Full Metal Alchemist 04
Full Metal Alchemist 05
Full Metal Alchemist 06
Full Metal Alchemist 07
Full Metal Alchemist 08
Full Metal Alchemist 09
Full Metal Alchemist 10
Full Metal Alchemist 11
Full Metal Alchemist 12
Full Metal Alchemist 13
Full Metal Alchemist 14
Full Metal Alchemist 15
Full Metal Alchemist 16
Full Metal Alchemist 17
Full Metal Alchemist 18
Full Metal Alchemist 19
Full Metal Alchemist 20
Full Metal Alchemist 21
Full Metal Alchemist 22
Full Metal Alchemist 23
Full Metal Alchemist 24
Full Metal Alchemist 25
Full Metal Alchemist 26
Full Metal Alchemist 27
Full Metal Alchemist 28
Full Metal Alchemist 29
Full Metal Alchemist 30
Full Metal Alchemist 31
Full Metal Alchemist 32
Full Metal Alchemist 33
Full Metal Alchemist 34
Full Metal Alchemist 35
Full Metal Alchemist 36
Full Metal Alchemist 37
Full Metal Alchemist 38
Full Metal Alchemist 39
Full Metal Alchemist 40
Full Metal Alchemist 41
Full Metal Alchemist 42
Full Metal Alchemist 43
Full Metal Alchemist 44
Full Metal Alchemist 45
Full Metal Alchemist 46
Full Metal Alchemist 47
Full Metal Alchemist 48
Full Metal Alchemist 49
Full Metal Alchemist 50

Death Note

Death Note episode 01 "Rebirth"

Death Note episode 02
Death Note episode 03 - Dealings

Download Death Note (Anime, Complete)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal follows the deeds of Manji, a skilled samurai who has a decisive advantage: no wound can kill him, except for a rare poison. In the past, his criminal actions led to the death of 100 other samurai (including his sister's husband). He becomes immortal at the hand of a 800-year-old nun named Yaobikuni, and is compelled by the death of his sister to accept the quest that will end his agelessness. He has vowed to make amends by killing 1000 evil men, and until he does Manji will be kept alive by "sacred bloodworms" (血仙蟲, kessen-chū?), remarkable creatures that allow him to survive nearly any injury and reattach severed limbs even after hours of separation. They work by sacrificing themselves to seal the wound - they're worms that were bred to be as close in their chemical and physical make-up to humans as you can get without being human. They cannot handle regrowth on a large scale, but, for example, can reattach a severed limb or seal a hole in the brain.

Blade of the Immortal 01
Blade of the Immortal 02
Blade of the Immortal 03
Blade of the Immortal 04
Blade of the Immortal 05
Blade of the Immortal 06
Blade of the Immortal 07

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Katekyo-Hitman-Reborn 01
Katekyo-Hitman-Reborn 02
Katekyo-Hitman-Reborn 03
Katekyo-Hitman-Reborn 04
Katekyo-Hitman-Reborn 05
Katekyo-Hitman-Reborn 06

Soul Eater

Soul Eater revolves around, thus far, three students and their respective weapons used to take out "seeds of Kishin" or wayward human souls. The first protagonist, Maka, wields a scythe name Soul Eater. She is the daughter of the current Death Scythe (the weapon used by Shinigami aka Death). The second is Black Star, a ninja, and his weapon of choice it Tsubaki, who can transform into various ninja weapons. The third student is Death the Kid, Shinigami's son, who wields Patricia and Elizabeth, a pair of guns.

Soul Eater - 01
Soul Eater - 02
Soul Eater - 03
Soul Eater - 04
Soul Eater - 05
Soul Eater - 06
Soul Eater - 07
Soul Eater - 08
Soul Eater - 09
Soul Eater - 10
Soul Eater - 11
Soul Eater - 12
Soul Eater - 13

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hajime No Ippo

Ippo Makunouchi is a very shy high school student who never had the time to make friends because he was always busy helping his mother with the family charter boat fishing business. Because he kept to himself, a group of bullies led by Umezawa got into the habit of picking on him. On one particular day these bullies decided to give him a rather serious beating, but a middle-weight professional boxer who was passing by stopped the bullies and took the injured Ippo to the Kamogawa Gym (鴨川ボクシングジム, Kamogawa Bokushingu Jimu?), owned by retired boxer Genji Kamogawa, to treat his wounds. After Ippo awoke to the sounds of boxers training, the boxer who saved him, Mamoru Takamura, tried to cheer Ippo up by letting him vent his frustrations on a sandbag. It was then that they had their first glimpse into Ippo's talent for boxing. After that incident, Ippo started his regular training and began his path in Japan's professional boxing.

Hajime No Ippo 01

Hajime No Ippo 02
Hajime No Ippo 03
Hajime No Ippo 04
Hajime No Ippo 05
Hajime No Ippo 06
Hajime No Ippo 07
Hajime No Ippo 08
Hajime No Ippo 09
Hajime No Ippo 10
Hajime No Ippo 11
Hajime No Ippo 12
Hajime No Ippo 13
Hajime No Ippo 14
Hajime No Ippo 15
Hajime No Ippo 16
Hajime No Ippo 17
Hajime No Ippo 18
Hajime No Ippo 19
Hajime No Ippo 20
Hajime No Ippo 21
Hajime No Ippo 22
Hajime No Ippo 23
Hajime No Ippo 24
Hajime No Ippo 25
Hajime No Ippo 26
Hajime No Ippo 27
Hajime No Ippo 28
Hajime No Ippo 29
Hajime No Ippo 30

Grappler Baki

Baki Hanma is a young fighter who yearns to follow in the footsteps of his father, Yujiro, and become the strongest fighter in the world. Thru that he trains tirelessly and fights constantly to hone his skills and develop his body to achieve these goals. Many intense battles lay ahead of Baki as he goes about his quest to be the best and ultimately take the title of "King" from his father.

Baki the Grappler : Season 1


Grappler Baki Episode 1
Grappler Baki Episode 2
Grappler Baki Episode 3
Grappler Baki Episode 4
Grappler Baki Episode 5
Grappler Baki Episode 6
Grappler Baki Episode 7
Grappler Baki Episode 8
Grappler Baki Episode 9
Grappler Baki Episode 10
Grappler Baki Episode 11
Grappler Baki Episode 12
Grappler Baki Episode 13
Grappler Baki Episode 14
Grappler Baki Episode 15
Grappler Baki Episode 16
Grappler Baki Episode 17
Grappler Baki Episode 18
Grappler Baki Episode 19
Grappler Baki Episode 20
Grappler Baki Episode 21
Grappler Baki Episode 22
Grappler Baki Episode 23
Grappler Baki Episode 24

Before you can watch this episodes you need to instal VLCPLayer [Download]


Baki The Grappler 01 - Moving Towards Destiny
Baki The Grappler 02 - The Ones that Squirm
Baki The Grappler 03 - The Monster of Yasha Cave
Baki The Grappler 04 - The Fang and Tears
Baki The Grappler 05 - A Warrior’s Heart
Baki The Grappler 06 - A Man’s Stand
Baki The Grappler 07 - Gripping Attack
Baki The Grappler 08 - Demon
Baki The Grappler 09 - Parting
Baki The Grappler 10 - Battlefield
Baki The Grappler 11 - Gaia
Baki The Grappler 12 - Bite Mark
Baki The Grappler 13 - Challenge
Baki The Grappler 14 - After Having a Dream
Baki The Grappler 15 - Slave
Baki The Grappler 16 - Road to the Sacred Land
Baki The Grappler 17 - The Gathering
Baki The Grappler 18 - The Chord-Cutter
Baki The Grappler 19 - Opponent
Baki The Grappler 20 - An Honorable Loss
Baki The Grappler 21 - Killer Instinct
Baki The Grappler 22 - Head On Collison!
Baki The Grappler 23 - Fighting God, Satan!
Baki The Grappler 24 - The Devil's Payback

Grappler Baki Season 2

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